We need many volunteers to create and maintain a strong and impactful organization. As one of our volunteers, you will be joining others who bring a passion for this outstanding, proposed, urban wilderness park to all of our activities whether indoor or outdoor. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization and need both scheduled and short notice help.  Many hands make light work. We would love to have you share your skills.

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Skill Sets We Need

Events: Co-chair; plan and organizing wilderness experiences (canoeing, natural history); speaker series, special focus events; event promotion; administration

​Public Relations/Communications: Maintaining website & social media; Messaging to our membership, media and targeted audiences; newsletter; graphic design; drone photography; virtual outreach


Membership & Volunteer Interests: Recruit & welcome new members/volunteers; conduct surveys; maintain lists opportunities; working information booths; records management; volunteer coordinator

Fundraising: Campaign work; grant applications; work with events team on innovative projects

Administrative Assistance: Maintaining records; tracking action items, supporting special initiatives

Planning:   Research; policy building; monitoring project developments; site visits; report writing; BMBCL perimeter contacts


Stewardship:  Currently under review. Looking after any aspect of existing or new trails is not within our current mandate. Our mission is to make sure the regional park becomes a reality - that in itself is keeping us very busy. However, there are many components  to stewardship that do not involve trail management - those terms of reference remain a 'work in progress' and your involvement in that process is welcome.

To Volunteer With Friends

There are several  ways you can express your interest in volunteering with Friends.


1. Please complete the "Volunteer" box as part  of your MEMBERSHIP FORM when you join.


2. If you are already a member, just complete the CONTACT FORM/Volunteer Box.

3. Complete this on-line form and submit.


Once we receive your confirmation of interest in volunteering with Friends,

you will be contacted to discuss your possible involvement with our society.