Birch Cove Lakes Water Quality - Final Report, July 2021

In April 2021, volunteers from Friends conducted a water quality survey of 21 lakes within the conceptual boundary of the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove urban wilderness park.  Both the Nine Mile River and Kearney Lake Run watersheds were sampled.  Turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance and pH were measured throughout the water column using equipment provided by the Atlantic Water Network at Saint Mary’s University.  In addition, the concentration of total phosphorus in surface water was determined by the province.  Full details, results and data interpretation are provided in the report.  This survey provides important baseline data which will be invaluable as park planning proceeds.  It is hoped that this survey can be repeated and expanded on a regular basis.


Conceptual Trail Plan, 2015

In 2015, a conceptual trail plan was completed by a committee made up of representatives from Halifax North-West Trails, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and the Maskwa Aquatic Club.  For many reasons, that plan, which was conditionally approved by NS Environment, remains on hold and, as of July, 2021 there is no trails group ready to revise the plan and take it to the next level.  Click on the Plan cover page for the complete report.

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Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Assessment Study 2006

This assessment study evaluated the features of the Blue Mountain/Birch Cove Lakes area. Through this assessment EDM Limited, in consultation with client representatives, sought to identify an ideal Regional Park configuration to preserve these identified values. The study also addressed the core objective of the Focus Report requirement: “to assess the co-existence of the proposed Highway 113 with the proposed Regional Park objectives.”

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