September, 2019


This map of the Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area and adjacent properties was released by Nova Scotia Environment and is notable for the high level of detail, including the urban developments around the perimeter of the WA. Note the HRM properties, highlighted in dark green, acquired to form the Regional Wilderness Park. The Susies Lake canoe route differs from other maps where Fox Lake is normally included in the loop - see Canoeing also. For trail maps see Hiking.


January, 2018


The Hobson Lake block is notable as the first property added to HRM's parkland inventory exclusively for the formation of the regional park. This 80 hectare block was a major step forward and a much welcomed addition. 

Hobsons Lake Lands Map.jpg

April, 2019


Continuing with the purchase of key properties surrounding the Wilderness Area, HRM announced on April 24, 2019 the addition of the Barrett and Armco blocks as seen below.  These blocks are comprised of 49 hectares along Nine Mile River in Timberlea, extending inward to the core wilderness area. The Barrett lands, a total of 81 hectares, are in the vicinity of Blue Mountain. These properties can also be identified on the larger, BMBCL Wilderness Area above.  These are welcome additions to the larger effort to create a regional park that includes such a superb representation of the variety of landscapes that can be found in the BMBCL area.

Barrett_Armco bmbcl_landacquisitions_201