Our library is full of information and backgrounders on the BMBCL.  You can find much of the history on the Ecology Action Centre link or get up to date on the lastest map.  Let us know what else you'd like to see here.


Important Links

Ecology Action Centre:                Historical Timeline

EDM Blue Mountain Assessment study, 2006:   Final Report


Halifax Regional Municipality:   Proposed Regional Wilderness Park


N.S. Environment:                       BMBCL Wilderness Area Description

N.S. Dept. Lands & Forestry:     Ecological Landscape Analysis - Eco District 780


Our HRM Alliance:                       The Green Network Plan

Gardner Pinfold:                          Commercial Benefits of NS Protected Areas

TD Economics:                              Value of Urban Forests in Canada (Halifax, Toronto, Montreal

Sustainable Forest Management Network: Public Participation in Sustainable Forest Management - Ref Guide

Canadian Forest Service:             Social & Economic Values of Canada's Urban Forests