Proposed Highway 113 Bypass

 Principle goal: " provide a more efficient means of travel for motorists between Highway 103 and Highway 102, that bypasses the Halifax urban core and relieves congestion on the Hammonds Plains Road" (TIR Env. Assessment Report, 2006).

Acting as a divider between the two sections of the WA is the proposed, 113 bypass, a traffic corridor made up of public land that, for now, remains undeveloped. However, the plans remain 'on the books' and interchanges and other accommodations for the 113 can be seen in all of the subdivision plans currently being submitted to HRM as well as those already completed such as Bedford West. All of the development on either end of the 113 bypass routing is being planned and built on the premise that this connector road will be completed at some point in the future.


​​The cost to build the 113 is estimated to be $10M/Km which works out to about $100M in 2018 dollars.  A lesser priced option might also be considered; more along the lines of a four-lane street.  The 113 is approved (with conditions) as a four-lane, controlled access highway. Details can be found here.

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Typical of considerable public comment that has been contrary minded to the construction of this highway is this letter from the Woodens River Environmental Conservation Organization which provides many references to the need for unobstructed wildlife corridors.