Below is the list of official candidates for the upcoming Halifax Regional Municipality election, October 17, 2020. Each candidate received a survey from Friends of BMBCL asking them for their position on the future of the Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Regional Wilderness Park.  With a council in place that firmly supports the planning and formation of this park, we expect to see continuous progress with the creation of a world-class, legacy destination that encompasses all that this wilderness experience can provide.


VIEW CANDIDATE'S RESPONSE: By scrolling down, you will find the candidates listed by district and the results of our survey next to their name. Click on R to view the candidate's survey response*


VIEW BMBCL INTRO: Visitors to this page and especially the candidates, are invited to click on Hear the Quiet, and view our PowerPoint introduction to the BMBCL. For more background on

the BMBCL please view our recent newsletters here.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some significant differences among the responses in the details provided by the candidates and the priorities they assign to natural spaces in HRM. We hope these election surveys will help you select a candidate in your district who supports the creation of the BMBCL Regional Wilderness Park. This also gives you the opportunity to have a look at the results from other districts and how those candidates might form an all-supportive, BMBCL council.

*  Incumbent members of HRM council have been declared a "supporter" based on their recent voting record and public statements.


Conceptual Park Area & Electoral Districts 



R - Survey Response

S - Supports

C - Conditional Support

D - Does not support

NR - Survey not received

Declined - for reason cited did not submit

HRMDistricts on Map11.jpg


1. Mike Savage S   NR

2. Max Taylor NR

3. Matt Whitman S   NR

DISTRICT 1 Waverly - Fall River - Musquodoboit Valley

1. Cathy Deagle Gammon S   R

2. Stephen Kamperman NR

3. Steve Streatch  S   NR

4. Arthur Wamback S   R

DISTRICT 2 Preston - Chezetcook - Eastern Shore

1. David Boyd NR

2. David Hendsbee S   R

2. Nicoll Johnson NR

4. Tim Milligan NR

DISTRICT 3 Dartmouth - Eastern Passage

1. Vishal Bhardwaj S   R


2. Clinton Desveaux C  R

3. Lloyd Jackson S   R

4. Becky Kent C  R

5. George Mbamalu  Declined

DISTRICT 4 Cole Harbour - Westphal

1. Ryan Burris S   R


2. Marisa DeMarco NR


3. Kevin Foran S   R


4. Darryl Johnson C  R


5. Jerome Lagmay NR


6. Jamie MacNeil S   R


7. Tania Meloni NR


8. Chris Mont NR

9. Trish Purdy NR

10. Jessica Quillan NR

11. John Stewart S   R

12. Caroline Williston NR

DISTRICT 5 Dartmouth Centre


1. Sam Austin S   R

2. Mitch McIntyre C  R

DISTRICT 6 Harbourview - Oceanside - Dartmouth East

1. Douglas Day NR

2. Tony Mancini S   NR

3. Ibrahim Manna NR

DISTRICT 7 Halifax South - Downtown

1. Richard Arundel-Evans NR

2. Waye Mason S   R

3. Jen Powley S   R

4. Craig Roy  S   R

DISTRICT 8 Halifax Peninsula North

1. Virginia Hinch NR

2. Dylan Kennedy NR

3. Lindell Smith NR

DISTRICT 9 Halifax West - Armdale

1. Bill Carr S   R


2. Shaun Clark C  R

3. Shawn Cleary S   R

4. Stephen Foster S   R

5. Gerry Lonergan S   R

DISTRICT 10 Halifax - Bedford Basin West

1. Andrew Curran NR

2. Mohammad Ehsan NR

3. Renee Field S   R

4. Sherry Hassanali S   R

5. Christopher Hurry NR

6. Debbie MacKinnon S   R

7. Kathryn Morse S   R

8. Kyle Morton NR

District 11 Spryfield - Sambro Loop - Prospect Road

1. Stephen Chafe S   R

2. Matthew Conrad S   R

3. Bruce Cooke NR


4. Patty Cuttell S   R


5. Bruce Holland S   R


6. Kristen Hollery S   R


7. Jim Hoskins S   R


8. Ambroise Matwawan S   R


9. Hannah Munday  S   R


10. Lisa Mullin S   R


11. Dawn Edith Penney NR


12. Pete Rose S   R

DISTRICT 12 Timberlea - Beechville - Clayton Park - Wedgewood

1. John Bignell S   R

2. Eric Jury D  R


3. Iona Stoddard S   R


4. Richard Zurawski S   R

DISTRICT 13 Hammonds Plains - St. Margarets

1. Tom Arnold  S   R

2. Derek Bellemore S   R


3. Tim Elms S   R

4. Robert Holden S   R

5. Nick Horne S   R

6. Darrell Jessome NR

7. Pam Lovelace S   R

8. Iain Taylor S   R

9. Harry Ward NR

DISTRICT 14 Middle/Upper Sackville - Beaverbank

1. Lisa Blackburn S   NR

2. Greg Frampton NR

DISTRICT 15 Lower Sackville

1. Mary Lou LeRoy S   R

2. Anthony Mrkonjic NR

3. Jay Aaron Roy NR

4. Paul Russell S   NR

5. David Schofield C  R

DISTRICT 16 Bedford Wentworth

1. Tim Outhit S   NR